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Las Vegas, NV -- Tonight Donald Trump made blatantly untrue statements about access to abortion. The Washington Post called him out for just making things up and giving an answer completely out of touch withnot based in reality.

ICYMI -- Washington Post Fact Check: Trump’s claim on abortions up until the moment of birth

THE FACT CHECKER | Trump suggested that abortions can take place just two or three days before birth. That doesn’t really happen.
Most abortions take place early in the pregnancy. One-third take place at six weeks or pregnancy or earlier; 89 percent occur in the first 12 weeks, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which supports abortion rights. Only 1.2 percent of abortions—about 12,000 a year– take place after 21 weeks. (The Supreme Court has held that states may not prohibit abortions “necessary to preserve the life or health” of the mother.)
On top of that, Guttmacher says that 43 states already prohibit some abortions after a certain point in pregnancy, such as fetal viability, in the third trimester or after a certain number of weeks. So this is already a rare procedure that is prohibited in much of the country.