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Washington, DC – Fox Business Network announced yesterday that Carly Fiorina did not qualify for the primetime GOP debate because her polls numbers have plummeted so low.  It seems that her uncanny habit of blatantly lying to the American people is catching up to her.

First, Carly Fiorina flat-out lied about Planned Parenthood during the Republican presidential primary debate on September 16. She described, in theatrical detail, a video that even the maker of the video smear campaign agrees simply does not exist.  When multiple media fact-checkers called her out for lying, instead of apologizing she doubled down.  Finally, in an an attempt to bend reality to Fiorina’s platform, her campaign created a fake video to match her story. This lie has plagued her campaign since and has been linked to her decline in the polls.

Just weeks later, more eyebrows were raised to Fiorina’s falsehoods. In a November debate,  Fiorina claimed that 92% of job losses during the first term of the Obama Administration were held by women, a wildly inaccurate claim that has been debunked by multiple fact-checkers.

Quote from Eric Ferrero, Vice President of Communications for Planned Parenthood Action Fund:

“Throughout her entire campaign, Carly Fiorina has flat-out lied about Planned Parenthood. She doubled down on attacking Planned Parenthood, hoping that her crusade would define her candidacy. And it did -- by cementing her as a liar.  Her fall should serve as a lesson to other candidates -- lying about Planned Parenthood to advance an extreme anti-abortion agenda is a losing strategy."

PPAF FACT CHECK: Carly Fiorina’s Greatest Weakness is That She Can’t Stop Lying

FACT: Carly Fiorina’s continued lies have cost her in the polls.  

“Even after fact-checkers concluded the video footage Fiorina described did not exist, she doubled down on her claims in the days following the debate.

“Instead of using her moment in the spotlight to discuss a range of issues and further introduce herself to voters, she instead trained her focus on Planned Parenthood.

"‘They had this moment and in some ways reduced it by not taking a broader, frankly, more presidential focus,’ said Rob Stutzman, a California-based Republican strategist. ‘They weren't prepared for the moment they fought so hard for.’”

“Mid-September was a heady time for Carly Fiorina: she did pretty great in the second GOP debate, and subsequently saw a huge surge in the polls. That’s all gone now, probably because she lied and lied and lied some more about Planned Parenthood, and everybody noticed.”

“...she wouldn’t admit that she’d been caught in a misstatement. Instead, her PAC released its own would-be Planned Parenthood video. Then she went on Meet the Press and continued to insist she wasn’t wrong.

“Remember Carly Fiorina? It now seems forever ago, but in late September she was being heralded as the next big thing in the Republican primary field—the outsider candidate who could marshall establishment support, and finally slay the Trump dragon.”

Fiorina pulled something similar off when she insisted she’d seen a video taken at a Planned Parenthood that did not exist, but that moment passed, and she hasn’t created another.”

Fiorina surged to second place immediately following her debate performance, but that same debate performance could now be contributing to her decline. During the debate, Fiorina focused on Planned Parenthood and made claims about seeing an abortion video that fact-checkers later revealed did not exist.”

Fiorina was also caught up in a discussion about abortion at the time of her debate rise. Her passionate criticism of Planned Parenthood thrilled many conservative voters. But Democrats and some fact-checkers questioned whether her description of a video that alleged abuses on the part of the group was accurate.”For Fiorina, the problem might not have been this controversy per se, but the fact that it chewed up time and attention she might better have spent on other things.

Carly Fiorina′s swell of support after her strong debate performance last month has collapsed, according to a new CNN/ORC poll that showed rivals Donald J. Trump and Ben Carson benefiting from her waning popularity.”

“Unless many candidates drop out soon and she can distinguish herself in the field it will be very difficult to do well in early primary states.”

FACT: Immediately after Carly Fiorina made false claims about Planned Parenthood during the second GOP debate, fact-checkers called her out for her lies

  • VICE: “Of all last night's attacks on Planned Parenthood, Fiorina's was the most extreme and by far the most egregiously untrue...As several analysts who, in fact, watched the videos have pointed out, this particularly gruesome scene never occurred.”

  • MSNBC: “The fact-checkers examined Fiorina’s claim and concluded that it’s the opposite of reality.”


  • Washington Post:Fiorina describes images on a Planned Parenthood video that do not exist...Fiorina might have trouble finding this video to show to Clinton. No such video has surfaced, certainly with no scenes inside a Planned Parenthood facility.”

FACT: Carly Fiorina has consistently defied fact-checkers, and continued to lie about Planned Parenthood