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Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign: “When you attack one of us, you are attacking all of us.”

“I want to remind Donald Trump of one more thing. The LGBTQ community is as diverse as the fabric of our nation. We are Muslim. We are Jewish. We are women. We are Black, white, and Latino. We are immigrants and we are people with disabilities. And when you attack one of us, you are attacking all of us. And that, my friends, is why together, we are all with her. Thank you very much.”

Sarah McBride, first trans person to address the DNC: “I believe that tomorrow can be different.”

“Hillary Clinton understands the urgency of our fight. She will work with us to pass the Equality Act, to combat violence against transgendered women of color, and to end the HIV-AIDS epidemic once and for all. Today in America, LGBTQ people are still targeted by hate that lives in both laws and hearts. Many struggle just to get by. But I believe that tomorrow can be different.”

Rep. Gwen Moore: “Hillary is asking us to stand up. Hillary is asking us to be heard.”

“I know that my vision for them is the same vision that hillary clinton has for America. Now, Donald Trump has told us to sit down. To be quiet. Hillary is asking us to stand up. Hillary is asking us to be heard. My fellow Democrats, stand up with Hillary – because she has stood up for us.”

Senator Patty Murray: Hillary Clinton will “move our country forward”

“When the Bush Administration tried to block women's access to Plan B contraception, Hillary was by my side and ready to fight. Our demand was simple -- base decisions about women's health on science, not political ideology. Together, we stood up to an administration ruled by special interests and the extreme right. We refused to back down until the FDA did their job and put science and women first. Now, women across America are free to choose safe emergency contraception. That's Hillary -- a leader who knows how to stand her ground, fight for what is right, and move our country forward.”

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on electing a woman president

“Hillary Clinton knows that this moment is not just about one woman's achievement. It is about what electing a woman president will mean for the dreams and hopes and aspirations of every woman, every daughter, every son, every family all across our land. For generations to come.”

Jennifer Pierotti Lim, Co-Founder of Republican Women for Hillary: Trump “cannot disregard our vote”

“Donald Trump’s comments about our appearances are too many to repeat and too crass to repeat. They are too important to ignore. Donald Trump can discount our accomplishments. He can disrespect our ability, but come November, he cannot disregard our vote. There are some who will say i'm voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. People who say that disregard my voice and Hillary Clinton’s long record of public service.”

Rev. Dr. William Barber III: We need to “push for a revival at the heart of our democracy”

“I say to you tonight, some issues are not Left versus Right or liberals versus conservatives, they are right versus wrong. We need to embrace our deepest moral values and push for a revival at the heart of our democracy. When we fight, to reinstate the power of the Voting Rights Act… When we fight for 15 and a union, and universal health care and public education and immigrant rights, and LGBTQ rights - we are reviving the heart of our democracy.