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Today on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to address women’s very understandable concerns about Mike Pence’s extremist record on women’s health care. Manafort’s answer was anything but reassuring:


Watch here


WALLACE:As governor, he signed a bill that would ban a woman from getting an abortion because her fetus has genetic abnormalities. A federal judge struck that down. He signed a religious freedom bill allowing businesses to refuse to serve gays, a law he had to revise. When he was in Congress, he tried to cut off all funding for Planned Parenthood. He opposed federal funding for AIDS treatment. Question: What should the moderate Republican woman who lives in the suburbs — socially moderate or even liberal — what should she make of Mike Pence?


MANAFORT:Well, what she should make of Mike Pence is that he's a man of principle and that he is somebody who believes in the right to life, and he believes in the system of government and using the Constitution to defend the rights of all people.


When Wallace pointed out that most women don’t agree with Pence on those issues, Manfort basically said women who have a problem with Pence should just ignore his record and think about Donald Trump — the man who has said he thinks women should be punished for seeking health care — instead.