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Planned Parenthood Action Fund and advocacy organizations have already been active in this race and will continue to be through November. Just days ago, Planned Parenthood Votes went up with a $70,000 radio ad buy in Nevada, targeting Joe Heck for a series of racist, offensive ads run by a pro-Heck super PAC. And in May, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsed Catherine Cortez Masto for U.S. Senate.


Quote from Samantha Fredrickson, Deputy Director, Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliates:

“Joe Heck is dangerous for women and families in Nevada. Joe Heck has voted eight times to block thousands of Nevadans from accessing birth control, STI testing, and cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood health centers. Joe Heck ignored the fact that Latinas make 52 cents and Black women make 65 cents for every dollar paid to men in Nevada when he voted against even considering the Paycheck Fairness Act. Joe Heck has voted to rip many Nevada families apart by voting against deportation relief for undocumented immigrants in Nevada. And if his own record isn’t bad enough, he has ‘high hopes’ that Donald Trump will become our president. We cannot afford six years of Joe Heck in the Senate.”


During his time in the House of Representatives, Joe Heck has also voted for “personhood” legislation, tried to undermine access to fact-based sex education, and has opposed the birth control benefit in the Affordable Care Act that gave more than 55 million women access to no-copay birth control. Heck also thinks it’s okay for a woman’s boss to deny her birth control coverage.   


Cortez Masto has a strong record of standing up for Nevada women and girls, tackling issues like sex trafficking and violence against women head-on as Nevada’s Attorney General. She has been steadfast in her opposition to discriminatory policies against LGBT individuals.


Planned Parenthood political and advocacy organizations collectively plan to spend an unprecedented $30 million in this election cycle, with a focus on the presidential race and five key Senate races, including Nevada, to make sure voters know where the candidates stand on women’s health.


Background: Joe Heck is dangerous for Nevada


  • Joe Heck has voted EIGHT times to block patients from care at  Planned Parenthood.

  • Joe Heck called the deeply unpopular Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision – which gave bosses the ability to deny their employees birth control – a “reasonable decision”.

  • Joe Heck said that the ACA's birth control benefit, which has ensured that more than 55 million women have access to no-copay birth control, had "nothing to do" with women's health.

  • Joe Heck voted against considering the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would address the gender pay gap.  In Nevada, Latinas make 52 cents and Black women make 65 cents for every dollar paid to men.

  • As a state Senator, Heck voted against funding for a rape crisis center and domestic violence prevention program. His campaign’s excuse was that he didn’t have time to read the bill.