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Cleveland, OH — It seems Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s running mate and one of the most anti-woman crusaders in the country, could have used a crash course on condoms back in 2002. Pence has been fighting for years to block access to testing for and treatment of STDs at Planned Parenthood health centers, and the education and resources provided for men and women to protect themselves. Maybe it’s because Pence really has no idea how condoms work.


For a guy who obviously had no idea how condoms work to protect against STDs, Pence sure has been fighting hard to block patients from accessing those critical resources and care.


Quote from Dawn Laguens, head of Planned Parenthood Votes:


“That Mike Pence doesn’t even know the basics of sex education — like how condoms work and what they do — is beyond troubling.


“Mike Pence should know that condoms are incredibly safe and effective form of STD and pregnancy prevention. If Mike Pence needs a crash course in basic sex education and condom use, there are a number of Planned Parenthood health centers he hasn’t succeeded in shutting down that would be more than happy to oblige.”

ICYMI: Mike Pence In 2002: “Condoms Are A Very, Very Poor Protection” Against STDs

Key points:


In 2002, Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence said condoms are a poor defense against sexually transmitted infections and diseases.


Pence’s comments came in response to then Secretary of State Colin Powell saying in an MTV forum that young people should protect themselves through safe sex with condoms.




“Condoms are a very, very poor protection against sexually transmitted diseases, and in that sense, Wolf, this was — the secretary of state maybe inadvertently misleading millions of young people and endangering lives,” continued Pence.




The Center for Disease Control says condoms can effectively protect from many of the most serious sexually transmitted diseases when applied correctly.


Read the full article here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/mike-pence-in-2002-condoms-are-a-very-very-poor-protection-a