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Planned Parenthood Action Fund Calls on Romney to Revoke Mourdock Endorsement

Washington — Following last night's alarming comments by Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock that rape survivors should not have access to safe and legal abortion, Planned Parenthood Action Fund called on presidential candidate Mitt Romney to withdraw the endorsement of Mourdock he made just the other day.  The Action Fund also called on Romney to immediately ask the Mourdock campaign to pull down the TV ads featuring Romney’s endorsement that are currently running on Indiana TV.  Following is a statement from Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund:

"Richard Mourdock's remarks about rape are reprehensible and especially outrageous coming from a major party candidate for the U.S. Senate. This isn’t just about what politicians like Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Steve King and Joe Walsh say — it's about the policies they would enact in partnership with a Romney/Ryan Administration.  These are the very politicians that Mitt Romney has promised to put in charge of a woman’s personal health care decisions.  

"Mitt Romney and Richard Mourdock share an allegiance to the Republican Party platform, which would ban safe and legal abortion without any exceptions, give full constitutional rights to fertilized eggs, and repeal the birth control benefit.

"Richard Mourdock is the only Senate candidate in the country with a TV ad starring Mitt Romney.  It's not enough for the Romney campaign to issue a tepid statement 'disagreeing' with Richard Mourdock's appalling remarks. Mitt Romney must immediately rescind his endorsement of Murdock and demand that Murdock take down the campaign ads featuring him."