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...NO SURPRISES HERE: GOP Economic Policies Are Still Bad for Women 

Carly Fiorina still lied, John Kasich is still terrible for women, Ted Cruz would still advocate a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood, and none of the GOP presidential candidates would support equal pay legislation or policies that ensure women have access to birth control.

Washington, DCTonight’s “Your Money, Your Vote” debate saw more of the same from the GOP field — a vision of America where women have little to no access to reproductive health care, and the American economy leaves women behind. We saw candidates dodge questions about equal pay for women, ignore their records of cutting women out of Medicaid, oppose policies that would help remedy the income gap, and tout their shameless efforts to defund one of the largest women’s health care providers.

Here are some lowlights from the GOP candidates in tonight’s debate:

And from the undercard debate:

Tonight in the GOP primary debate, candidate Ben Carson stated:  “The government is not supposed to be in every part of our lives, and that’s what’s causing the problem.”

Watch the full video video here.

Apparently that’s a concern that doesn’t apply to women — Ben Carson has advocated for intrusive government policies that would prevent women from accessing safe, legal abortion — advocating for them to be “re-educated”, to stop thinking of babies as their “enemy” and saying that there’s a war on “what’s inside of women.”

Also, Carly Fiorina lied again, stating that  “every single policy” of President Obama and those endorsed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “has been demonstrably bad for women.”

Watch the full video video here

“It is the height of hypocrisy for Mrs. Clinton to talk about being the first woman president when every single policy she espouses and every single policy of President Obama has been demonstrably bad for women.”

Marco Rubio tonight said he is ”against anything that’s bad for my mother,” dismissing the millions of women — many who are mothers — who would suffer as a result of the policies that Rubio supports, such as  his opposition to equal pay legislation and his extreme position on abortion.

Watch the full video video here.

Just weeks ago, millions of supporters came out to rallies, signed petitions and engaged online to show their support for Planned Parenthood during “Pink Out Day.” Yet Ted Cruz made the ironic claim during tonight’s debate that “millions rose up against Planned Parenthood” and that he “was proud to lead that fight.”

Watch the full video here.

As the GOP primary trudges along, candidates have embraced increasingly extreme policies on women’s health and economic equality --- alienating more and more Americans in the process. As poll after poll has shown, Republican candidates’ policies are out of touch with the American people.