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Bush Doesn’t Consider Pap tests, Breast Exams, STD Testing, Well-Woman Exams, and Birth Control Women’s Health Services

Today Governor Jeb Bush reiterated that he is completely out of touch with women’s health care needs — stating that Planned Parenthood is “...not actually doing women's health issues. They're involved in something way different than that.”

The 2.7 million people across the country who visit Planned Parenthood for health care services and information would disagree. Governor Bush clearly does not understand what is defined as women’s health services.

Quote from Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund:

“It’s clear Jeb Bush shouldn’t be making health care decisions for anyone — just look at what he did to women’s health in Florida. However this does beg the question — if providing millions of women each year with birth control, breast exams and pregnancy tests and more doesn’t count as women’s health in Jeb Bush’s world, what does?”

Planned Parenthood is one of the nation's most trusted providers of high-quality, affordable reproductive health care for women, men, and young people. In 2013, Planned Parenthood’s nearly 700 nonprofit health centers provided a total of10,590,433 services, including:

  • Providing 2,131,865 women with reversible contraception, including 1,440,495 emergency contraception kits

  • Provided 378,692 Pap tests

  • Provided 487,029 breast exams and care

  • Screened 87,988 women whose cancer was detected early or whose abnormalities were identified

  • Provided 34,739 HPV Vaccinations

  • Performed 2,095 LEEP procedures

  • Provided 1,128,783 Pregnancy Tests

  • Provided 18,684  Prenatal Services

  • Provided 327,653 Abortion Procedures

  • Provided 47,264 Urinary Tract Infections Treatments

In addition, Planned Parenthood’s health centers provided women and men with 3,727,359 STI tests and treatment, including 38,612 treatments for genital warts (HPV) and 704,079 HIV tests.

As of July in 2015, Planned Parenthood health centers in Florida have:

  • Served over 70,000 patients

  • Provided 46,698 women with birth control services

  • Conducted 61,051 STI tests

  • Performed 16,583 breast exams

Of all 50 states, Florida is tied for last place in women's health. Thirty-four percent of Florida’s 67 counties do not have any ob-gyns, and as of 2012, more than one million in Florida were in need of publicly supported contraception.