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Washington, DC  –– Yesterday, an Ohio initiative petition  was submitted to Attorney General Mike DeWine for a ballot measure that would not only make abortion illegal in the state but would reportedly jail any woman or abortion provider for accessing or providing safe, legal abortion. Nearly one in three women in their lifetimes will make the deeply personal decision to have an abortion. While Ted Strickland quickly denounced the measure, Rob Portman has not weighed in.


Quote from Deirdre Schifeling, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Votes:

“Women in Ohio deserve to know where Rob Portman stands on this extreme ballot proposal that would jail Ohio women who access abortion. Ted Strickland quickly denounced this ballot language, while Rob Portman has been silent. Portman's silence speaks volumes - and is in keeping with his support of Donald Trump who has said women should be punished for accessing their constitutional right to safe, legal abortion. Rob Portman must stand up immediately and denounce this ballot proposal.”


Rob Portman has a prolific anti-abortion record, voting in support of very extreme anti-abortion legislation every chance he gets.  Portman has called Roe v. Wade an “infamous decision” and brags about having voted “77-0” in favor of anti-abortion legislation. He voted in favor of an amendment to allow states to deny Medicaid funding for abortions for women who had been raped or who were victims of incest. And he supported denying privately funded abortion services to victims of rape or incest at overseas military medical facilities.