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Hillary Clinton decisively won the third and final presidential debate last night, just as she will win the election in November. Of all her impressive moments, and there were many, there is one in particular that stood out and has everyone talking: her incredible statement of support for Planned Parenthood, for abortion rights, and for women.

In fact, according to a CNN focus group of undecided voters in the critical battleground state of Nevada, Hillary’s response was the best moment of the night.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump demonstrated that when it comes to abortion, he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about, and his policies would endanger women’s health and well-being.

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Teen Vogue: Hillary Clinton Just FLAWLESSLY Defended a Woman's Right to Choose at the Presidential Debate

Throughout Hillary Clinton's campaign, women's issues have been a priority. Clinton has done everything from champion Planned Parenthood and its importance to openly support abortions and, in the case of rape, incest and a risk to the mother's or fetus's life, late-term and partial-birth abortions. At the third presidential debate, though, Clinton gave her best (and, perhaps, clearest) endorsement yet for a woman's right to choose. When pressed on her stance by moderator Chris Wallace, Clinton articulated why women — instead of the government — should be the only ones in control of their bodies.

NYT: On Abortion, Clinton Takes Ownership of Her Feminism

In past elections, presidential candidates have soft-pedaled their views on the subject. This time, Mrs. Clinton sounded resolute and even righteous about defending a woman’s right to control one of the most “intimate and difficult” decisions about her health care.

Huffington Post: The Debate Showed Exactly Why Having A Woman In The White House Matters

On Wednesday night, one presidential candidate disparaged a “nasty woman.” The other showed Americans precisely why a Madam President’s lived experience as a woman could prove invaluable in office.

During the third and (thankfully) final debate, Hillary Clinton spoke passionately about abortion rights and about the everyday sexism women experience.

There have been many presidential nominees who understand these issues from a policy perspective, but never before have we had a presidential nominee who could speak to either on a personal level. After 240 years, Americans watched a woman do both.

Slate: Hillary Clinton’s Debate Answer on Abortion Is Why We Need More Women In Politics

When Clinton’s on the stage, it becomes about flesh and blood: women’s bodies and their most private, sacred rights to determine the courses of their own lives. Of all the reasons it benefits the nation to have more women in politics, this may be the biggest—the shift of women’s lives from the realm of hypotheses into the real world.

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