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Just ask women in Ohio.


ICYMI: Ohio’s Abortion Restrictions Drove This Woman To Desperate Measures. The GOP Wants All States To Be Like Ohio.


“Ariana M. was living in a homeless shelter here with her two children in 2011 when she became pregnant. She was 25 at the time, working part-time at a temp agency to feed her sons, then 4 and 8, and trying to finish school to become a medical assistant phlebotomist. The decision to have an abortion was an easy one for her, but the slew of anti-abortion laws in Ohio made her experience a nightmare.”


“I had to have an ultrasound, which I did not want,” said Ariana, who asked that her full last name be withheld to protect her privacy. “I had to wait 24 hours after meeting with a doctor to make a decision, and that drove me crazy, because I was 100 percent ready. But I had to take off work and school to see the doctor, go back to the shelter for two days and think about it, and then take off work and school again.”


“The $390 abortion was both financially and emotionally burdensome for Ariana. In addition to paying for the actual procedure, she gave up work hours to visit the clinic twice and had to pay for transportation both times. She was barely earning enough in her temp job to feed herself and her children, so she had to resort to desperate measures.”


“As the Republican Party holds its national convention in Cleveland this week and emphasizes an opposition to abortion rights and Planned Parenthood funding in its platform, reproductive rights advocates are warning that the whole country could start to look like Ohio if presumptive nominee Donald Trump wins the presidency in November.”


To read the full article, click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/abortion-ohio-republican-national-convention_us_578e54ebe4b0d3d4c0486889