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Washington, DC –– Last night, Secretary Clinton swept the Tuesday primaries, increasing her decisive lead in the race to become the Democratic nominee for president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton won women voters by double digits in every single state. With so much at stake for women's health in this election, it is clear that women voters will be a deciding force in this election. Secretary Clinton is mobilizing women everywhere –– some who are too young to even vote. Including Gracie Paredes, an eighth grader in Pinecrest, Florida, who said she supports Hillary because “I like what she says about a lot of Planned Parenthood things.”


In Florida, Clinton won women voters by 38 percent. In Ohio, Clinton won women voters by 27 percent. In North Carolina, Clinton won women by 24 percent. And in Illinois, Clinton won women by 10 percent. Hillary Clinton also won women in Missouri by 10 percent.




Ohio exit polling highlights: In Ohio, Clinton won African-American women 68% - 29%. She won white women 61% - 39%. She also won married and unmarried women by double digits.




North Carolina exit polling highlights: In North Carolina, Clinton won African-American women 81% - 18% and white women 49% - 46%.




Illinois exit polling highlights: In Illinois, Clinton won African-American women 67% - 33%.




Florida exit polling highlights: In Florida, Clinton won African-American women 76% - 23%, she won Latinas 77% - 23%, and she won white women 57% - 38%. Clinton also won both married and unmarried women by more than 30% each.




Missouri exit polling highlights: In Missouri, Clinton won African-American women 70% - 30% and white women 51% - 48%. She also won married women 59% - 41%.


Hillary has spent her entire career fighting to protect and expand access to reproductive health and rights. That is why millions of women around the country are supporting Hillary for president. Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsed Hillary Clinton in front of a crowd of 500 in New Hampshire on January 10. Since then, the Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes has led grassroots efforts in primary states and made major ad buys in Iowa, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, and Michigan in support of Hillary Clinton.