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Just now, the Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin vetoed a bill that would have ended access to abortion in the state. The law would have stripped doctors of their medical licenses and jail them for providing safe, legal abortion. 

Does punishing doctors for providing abortion sound familiar? That's because it's a policy platform that Donald Trump supports.

“Donald Trump stated clearly that he believes abortion should be criminalized, and that doctors and women should be punished. The Oklahoma legislature put Donald Trump’s words into action, and even extreme anti-abortion Governor Mary Fallin couldn’t stomach it.

"What is the rest of the Republican party going to do when they have to answer for Donald Trump’s off-the-rails agenda for women in this country?”

—Erica Sackin, Director of Political Communications, Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Punishing Women Behind Closed Doors

When it comes to Governor Fallin's abortion ban veto, here's another thing you need to know: It's blatantly obvious that she would rather just restrict abortion through back channels than do so outright. In fact, her policies are already punishing women. She has signed a forced delay for abortion, restrictions on medication abortion, and a Texas-style law designed to shut down health centers.

“Politicians learn the same lesson over and over again: Americans want women to be able to access abortion safely and legally."

—Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Anti-abortion politicians need to understand that their policies of punishing women and doctors over basic reproductive health care will not stand with the general public. Americans support a woman’s right to access safe, legal abortion. FULL STOP, the end.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to get politicians out of our personal health decisions and elect leaders who oppose laws that undercut access to safe, legal abortion.

First, learn what’s at stake for access to safe, legal abortion and for care at Planned Parenthood health centers this election.

Then, tell the extremists vying for the White House and state legislatures: WE WON’T BE PUNISHED.

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