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He compared abortion to rape. He’s been holding young women hostage for months. And a new report reveals that he and other HHS officials have vastly overstepped their position of authority. They’ve violated young women’s privacy, right to medical care and, in some cases, safety in order to keep them from accessing safe, legal abortion.

Simply put, Scott Lloyd is a creepy anti-abortion extremist.

Donald Trump picked Lloyd to lead the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which is housed under the Health and Human Services department (HHS). It is the agency that manages undocumented youth who enter the country without their parents.

And since joining the Trump-Pence administration, Lloyd has been using his position of power to threaten young immigrant women time and time again. He’s pushing a Trump-Pence agenda that is anti-abortion, anti-immigrant, and anti-women.

Here are nine reasons why this disturbing Trump official needs to be removed from his position. Now.

1. He’s creepy AF

Lloyd receives a weekly spreadsheet containing information on every pregnant woman in ORR’s custody, tracking the fetus’s gestational age and whether the woman has asked for an abortion. On top of that, he “personally visited and called pregnant girls in shelters” to try and coerce them out of seeking abortions. Plus, spokesman also described Lloyd as the “foster parent” of pregnant young women in ORR custody, and stated that he “is going to make choices...for both the mother and the child.”

2. He pushed for “abortion reversal”

So-called “abortion reversal” is not supported by science — or doctors — whatsoever. It’s not a thing. But Scott Lloyd discussed forcing a 17-year-old immigrant woman to undergo an experimental “abortion reversal” treatment while she was in ORR custody. He doesn’t care about women’s health, rights, or personal choices. He’d rather use “these girls” as experiments instead.

This is unacceptable. Sign on and demand Lloyd's resignation.

3. He’s tried to block access to safe, legal abortion (many times) before

Since October, Lloyd has tried to stop numerous young immigrant women from accessing abortion — one of whom was a survivor of rape. Lloyd’s tactics included preventing young women from meeting with attorneys and pushing for anti-abortion “counseling.” This violates the Constitution and court rulings that ensure safe, legal abortion. In fact, he’s been sued four times for this.

4. He’s completely unqualified

Scott Lloyd arrived at the ORR with zero experience working with immigrants or women’s health. Before he joined the Trump regime, Lloyd was an attorney in the office of public policy for the Knights of Columbus, an extreme anti-abortion group.

5. He compared abortion to rape

When Lloyd tried to block a young immigrant survivor of sexual assault from abortion, he claimed that abortion and rape are both forms of “violence” — which is completely incorrect.

6. He has no idea how birth control (or Plan B) works

In an anti-abortion blog post, Lloyd incorrectly likened birth control and emergency contraception to abortion, claiming that they work by “making the uterine lining inhospitable.” He also once asked women to promise they wouldn't get abortions if they received free birth control. Sorry, Scott, but that’s not how it works.

We can't let the Trump-Pence regime get away with this. Add your name.

7. He’s racist

Lloyd is deliberately using his position of power to interfere with the health of young immigrants — many of whom are from Latin American and African countries. His actions fit right into the Trump-Pence administration’s xenophobic agenda.

8. He ignores the law

Women — including young undocumented women in ORR custody — have the constitutional right to safe, legal abortion. Yet, HHS incorrectly claims the opposite, not to mention the fact that Lloyd has repeatedly tried to block access to abortion regardless. This is in violation of the Constitution and court rulings.

9. He disregards mental health

When a young pregnant woman in ORR custody “mentioned suicide” after Lloyd tried to block her from accessing abortion, Lloyd suggested she undergo anti-abortion “counseling.” This kind of “counseling” is used by crisis pregnancy centers, and uses lies and manipulation to scare or shame people out of choosing abortion.


Add your name and DEMAND that Scott Lloyd resign immediately.



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