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Affordable Birth Control Changed These Women's Lives

Birth control coverage should be a woman's right.  Different forms of birth control gave these women power and control over their own lives.

At age 17, Courtney was diagnosed with endometriosis:

“While I could live with the physical pain, the idea that I may be unable to conceive was horrifying. Many years later, newly in graduate school and uninsured, I found myself unable to pay for the birth control that kept my pain at bay and preserved my fertility."

Meet Clara: small business owner, millennial, and Planned Parenthood patient

She says access to birth control and health care has helped her flourish.

For Julie-Anna, birth control means quality of life

After a diagnosis of adenomyosis, an IUD placement was the only treatment for her pain and blood loss.

Birth control gave Lai control of her life decisions

She's is a student, a Planned Parenthood volunteer, and a patient advocate. Access to birth control changed Lai's life for the better. 

Stephanie served her country — and birth control helped make it possible

Stephanie is a Planned Parenthood patient, a mother, a leader – and a veteran. Thanks to birth control, she was able to serve in the military and have control over her body.

Thanks to birth control, Rebekah became a mother — when she was ready

"Because I was able to get preventive care, including birth control, I was able to fulfill my life goals: to graduate college and become a mother. It’s important for Latinos to have access to birth control because when you can choose when and how you have children, you can raise up your family, and when you raise up your family you raise up your community."

Birth control allowed Sarah to continue her education

Sarah is from Anchorage, Alaska and went to Planned Parenthood for birth control so she could avoid getting pregnant and continue her education.

“My experience with Planned Parenthood was really the first time that somebody told me that I had agency over my own body… and that was life-changing for me.”

Before the Affordable Care Act, Kanisha’s insurance did not have birth control coverage for  her IUD.

Before the Affordable Care Act, Kanisha’s insurance did not have birth control coverage for  her IUD.

Kanisha talks about her experience with birth control and the importance of advocating for reproductive rights.

"When I turned 18 I saw something about IUDs and thought, years without thinking about my birth control? That's definitely something that I want."