Since 1970, the Title X (ten) Family Planning Program has helped millions of low-income people afford much-needed health care. But each year, backwards politicians threaten to cut funding for this critical health care safety net.

Types of Title X Services

Today, more than 4.1 million Americans rely on affordable family planning services that are funded by Title X. Those basic primary and preventive health care services include:

  • Well-woman exams

  • Cervical and breast cancer screenings

  • Birth control

  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV

The Impact of Title X

Title X offers preventive health care to those most in need and has great results. For one thing, the affordable birth control that Title X provides helps prevent 1 million unintended pregnancies each year. It has even saved women’s lives through its affordable Pap tests and breast exams.

Title X also saves taxpayers money. For every dollar invested in publicly funded family planning programs, the government saves $7.09 in Medicaid-related costs.

Who Benefits From Title X

Most people who rely on Title X-funded services are low-income and cannot afford this care on their own:

Nearly 90% have incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level.

The Title X program disproportionately serves people of color, populations that face significant reproductive health disparities. In fact, 21% of Title X patients identify as black or African American and 30% identify as Hispanic or Latino.

Title X also helps people who are uninsured. Although the Affordable Care Act has helped more people than ever before get insured, states that have not expanded Medicaid can leave low- and middle-income folks without insurance and with a greater need for publicly funded family planning services.

In fact, 4.7 million low-income women of reproductive age will continue to lack coverage for family planning care in 2016.

Title X and Planned Parenthood

Women and men rely on Title X in every state at nearly 4,100 health centers each year.

Planned Parenthood health centers partner with the Title X program. Through the program, Planned Parenthood health centers provide care to 1.5 million people — roughly one-third of all people that the Title X program serves.

Threats to Title X

Cuts to family planning endanger millions of lives. Yet each year, Title X faces the threat of steep federal budget cuts.

Our message to Congress is simple: Funding Title X is absolutely essential to ensure that millions of women, men, and young people from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds get the care they need. Without it, doctors can’t meet the demand for health care.

Infographic: Just the Facts on Title X and Family Planning

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