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Like any good Gynotician, Governor Nathan “Back Door” Deal just couldn’t resist using women’s health and safety as a political tool. Deal has made it clear that he won’t let a little thing like the democratic process stop him from restricting access to health care: after Georgia legislators rejected an effort to ban abortion coverage in the state health plan, Deal’s allies used a back-door administrative route to do exactly that. No woman should have to sacrifice access to health care to work for the great state of Georgia.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Deal throw Georgia women under the bus. Last year, he signed a 20-week ban that places severe limits on when women can access a safe and legal abortion — with no exception for rape or incest. A women and her doctor should have every medical option available to them, but Deal clearly doesn’t get that. Instead, he supports policies that inject politicians into the deeply personal and private decisions between a woman, her physician, her faith, and her family.  Governor Deal’s latest actions just add to his long list of transgressions as a Gynotician.

“Back Door” Deal may also be cross training: he isn’t just blocking access to health services for women, he has also blocked Medicaid expansion in Georgia.  That means no coverage for 650,000 Georgians, most of whom are working adults who do not have coverage through their jobs.  Watch out Georgians – it looks like this Gynotician is interested making health care decisions for everyone – not just ladies!

By subverting the democratic process to push his extreme and out-of-touch agenda, Governor Deal has truly earned this dishonorable title as Gynotician of the Week.

Credentials: Bachelor of Arts, Mercer University, 1964; Juris Doctorate, Mercer University, 1966

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