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This week's Gynotician was appointed to political office while she was a college senior, finishing her degree in Business Administration. Three months into her first term, Representative Christina Hagan (R-Ohio) hit the ground running, pushing extreme and dangerous legislation that would restrict a woman’s right to make their own personal medical decisions. In June 2011, she took to the microphone during floor deliberation on the "heartbeat" bill —t hat could ban abortion even before many women know they are pregnant — and said, "I'm not only charged with the responsibility to be looking out for my generation, but also the future generations to come."

Two years later, she's leading the campaign to stop women from having a full range of reproductive rights in Ohio. She, along with longtime women’s health opponent Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, is sponsoring a new version of the "heartbeat" bill in Ohio.

When asked why she would rather push an extreme and dangerous bill than wait until the courts decide on the constitutionality of similar bills introduced in other states, Rep. Hagan said, "Because we're Ohio legislators." 

Despite being in office for only a short time, Rep. Hagan has been a major supporter of one of the most aggressive, anti-women agendas of any legislature in the nation. The very same day she pledged to look out for her generation, Rep. Hagan voted for THREE anti-women’s health bills: the "heartbeat" bill, a 20-week abortion ban, and a bill to restrict insurance coverage for abortions. The 20-week ban and another bill that added burdens to minors seeking judicial assistance in accessing a safe and legal abortion were both passed and rubber-stamped by fellow Gynotician Governor John Kasich.

Two years later, she supported the attacks on women's health care in the state budget, including language to defund Planned Parenthood, TRAP restrictions, and a mandatory ultrasound requirement for women seeking an abortion. 

In her brief time in office, Rep. Hagan has accomplished more than the most experienced Gynoticians. For her role in pushing the “heartbeat bill”, we name Christina Hagan as Gynotician of the Week.

Credentials: Business Administration, Malone University, 2011. Server, Carrabba's Italian Grill. High school tennis coach.

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