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Gynotician of the Week: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz would rather spread intentionally misleading information, deny millions of people health care, and even shut down the government, than put aside his political agenda.  So how is he spending the congressional recess? “My focus for the next 61 days is very directly targeted to one thing, and that is working to defund Obamacare.” If that doesn’t qualify him as the Gynotician of the Week, then we don’t know what else would.

This week Cruz continued on his quest to spread misleading information about the law, speaking at one of the stops on Heritage Action’s national town hall tour.  Cruz continued to push his political agenda to take away Obamacare, while offering no alternative solution except to deny millions of Americans health care. 

Obamacare has already helped millions of women and families get the care they need, when they need it.  But opponents of the law (like Cruz), don’t seem to care that you will no longer be able to be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition or that you can now access birth control with no co-pay.  In classic Gynotician form, Cruz would rather take away health care, pursuing his own political agenda, than listen to the general public—the majority of whom, according to recent polls, want Congress to improve the law or keep it the same.

Cruz is so adamant about the need to shut down the government in order to defund Obamacare that he believes "any elected official who votes for the [continuing resolution] is affirmatively voting to fund Obamacare.”  If he had his way, 3.1 million young adults in would be forced off their parents’ insurance plans, parents of children born with pre-existing conditions would once again worry about reaching a lifetime cap or getting any coverage at all, and seniors would be left paying thousands more for their prescription drugs. If Cruz had his way, middle-class families could once again be bankrupted and lose everything because of an illness, accident, or medical emergency.

Even some Republicans think Cruz has taken his Gynotician-like beliefs too far.  Niccole Wallace, a former spokesperson and staffer of John McCain’s presidential campaign, believes “The problem with what Cruz is doing is it’s intellectually dishonest…Ted Cruz is doing a whole lot of fearmongering and lying to the voters. He’s presenting an untruthful case.”

For his singular mission to take away health care from millions of women and families, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has earned the dishonorable title of Gynotician of the Week.

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