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In recent months, Planned Parenthood has withstood a wave of unprecedented attacks from anti-abortion politicians and extremists. People do not want to see reproductive health care attacked, and that’s why we’re fighting back. We’re not going to let backwards politicians silence us, and we’re not going to let them close Planned Parenthood’s doors. That’s why millions around the world marched for the rights of women from all backgrounds, identities, and faiths. And that work is continuing in communities across the country.

When people find out what “defunding” Planned Parenthood actually means, only 12% of voters support it.

At Planned Parenthood health centers, health care providers and staff work tirelessly to ensure that women and families are always able to access affordable, high-quality health care in a safe and caring environment. Watch these videos to see how:


How I Became an OBGYN at Planned Parenthood

While training to be a doctor in Kentucky, Dr. Sara was struck by how difficult it was for women to find sex education and quality, affordable health care. Now an ob-gyn at Planned Parenthood in Seattle, she’s dedicated herself to filling that void, helping women understand their sexual and reproductive health and achieve their goals — no matter what. This is her story of care. 


I knew that I wanted to be an ob-gyn when I was in medical school. I think it was really eye-opening for me, moving to Kentucky and doing my medical training there, to see how different the perspective on sexual health was — also how hard it is to access medical care. 

Part of I think what helps you to fall in love with your job as a physician is if you find a specialty that you actually really find easy to talk about, you find it easy to explain. 

I found it really easy to talk about sex — and a lot of people don’t — and it seemed like a void that needed to be filled because lots of people didn’t want to talk about it, and I was certainly willing to. 

I feel most empowered in my professional life, most of the time — I will probably start crying when I talk about this, so — I am honored to help women achieve their goals. That is the highlight of my day.

How can I get tested for STDs

23-year old Mandesia had never been to Planned Parenthood. She knew that part of being an adult meant getting tested for STDs and caring for her sexual health, so she let go of the guilt and fear she was feeling and made an appointment at her local Planned Parenthood health center. This is her story of care


Patient: Personal health just means taking care of yourself. Some of the aspects that I’d like to learn about Planned Parenthood revolve around the interaction of what it would be to book an appointment with Planned Parenthood — because I’ve never done so. 

A lot of their motives seem to be centered around people's general health and well-being — and just being responsible for your personal health and not having any shame or any guilt or any fear revolving around getting a test or booking an appointment, because it’s being responsible and it’s a necessity. 

Doctor: Have you ever been tested before?

Patient: No.

Doctor. Okay.

Patient: So I’m opening up my first results… It’s looking pretty good …. and it’s super convenient. It’s online. 

Altogether it was a really easy process. I think sexual health and sexual history … is still something uncomfortable for people to talk about — and so I do think those are important conversations to have.

I’m feeling like a responsible adult right now.

Planned Parenthood Made Me A Better Mom

At 23, Danielle had an unplanned pregnancy. She thought her dream of being a writer in NYC had vanished … until she went to her local Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Now 29, Danielle reflects on how her decision to have an abortion helped her achieve her dreams of being a writer and a mother when the time was right. This is her story of care. 


I’ve always wanted to live and write in New York City, ever since I wrote in those tiny plastic diaries when I was kid. But New York seemed so far away …. and that dream just kind of seemed impossible. 

People who didn’t appreciate my decision to have an abortion or thought that it was wrong asked me all the time, “Well, now that you’re a mom and you know what it’s like would you ever go back, do you ever feel guilty?”

And I do — and I would go back. I would do it all over again — I would just take the time to stop and thank my doctors. Packing up my life in Seattle and moving to New York City...

I know that the choice that I made when I was 23 to not be a mother — because I knew I wasn’t ready and I knew I wasn’t able — it’s made me a better mom now and to be the woman that I have always wanted to be, and not only do that for myself but be able to show my son that this is what is possible for women when they are granted the ability to make their own choices. 

The idea that one day my son’s going to listen to what I’ve said or read what I’ve written and know that he has a mom who stands up for herself and others gives me the most joy and makes everything that I went through worth it.

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