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We did it! Together, we have kept Ken out of the governor’s mansion and protected women’s health and rights in Virginia!

This election sends a clear message to politicians in Virginia and all 50 states: attacks against women’s health are not only bad policy—they are bad politics. Last night, women in Virginia said enough is enough.  They’ve had it with politicians trying to interfere in their personal, private medical decisions—and the results show that throughout the race, it was clear that women's health was the defining issue. 

Among voters who said women's access to abortion was the most important issue to them (who made up a whopping 20% of voters), 59% of them voted for the candidate who believes politicians shouldn't interfere in women's personal, private medical decisions. It just goes to show: when women see their health care access on the line, they vote to protect it—kko.jpegand they win. Supporters and volunteers knocked on over 90,000 doors and made more than 26,000 phone calls across the state to help elect leaders who will stand up for women’s health and rights. And the hard work paid off! Terry McAuliffe will fight for women’s health as our next governor and has pledged to stand like a “brick wall” when our rights are under attack. He will work to protect Virginia women’s access to birth control, preventive health care, and safe and legal abortion. And it is thanks to you that we will have a governor who will be a champion for Virginia women and families.

With your help, we have kept Ken out and sent the message that we want leaders who will stand up for women’s health and rights.  Last night was a resounding victory for women in Virginia and across the country.

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