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Right now Dreamers are facing the scary uncertainty of Congress not fixing DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) before it expires on March 5. These communities are our supporters, patients, and staff. They have a right to seek services at Planned Parenthood health centers without fear for their safety or their families being deported — but Congress is threatening to take right that away. So Planned Parenthood Action Fund is throwing down with our allies to protect immigrants, refugees and DACA recipients. With Congress on recess from February 17 - 25, now’s our best chance to hold their feet to the fire to protect Dreamers.

Here’s what you can do THIS WEEK:

Step 1: Attend your senators’ or representative’s town hall.

  • Get in front of your members of Congress! First, find out if they’re holding a public event at townhallproject.com and sign up there. Not sure who your members of Congress are? No worries — the website will tell you. If your rep or senators aren’t holding an event, skip to Step 2 — making their phones ring!

  • Make your plan to attend the town hall and invite your friends to join you. Meet up at a central location before the event and go over some best practices and DACA talking points (see below).

Best practices for town halls:

  • Be ready to ask a question if there's a Q&A session or a meet-and-greet line. Keep it short and to the point. Research where they stand on Planned Parenthood and DACA before you ask
  • Your member of Congress might try to dodge the question. Ask for a follow-up. Make them answer the question you originally asked. Don't let them wriggle out of it.

  • If it's a seated event, sit near the front. It makes it more likely you'll get called on to ask a question.

  • Be firm but courteous. If you're in a seated indoor event, don't yell, no matter how angry you feel. We're all for yelling at rallies and marches, though!

DACA talking points:

  • Hundreds of thousands of young people’s lives have been thrown into chaos because DACA was terminated and will expire on March 5.  

  • We must protect immigrant youth by passing a Clean Dream Act now!

Step 2: Join our National Day of Action for passing a clean Dream Act on February 20.

Make your senators’ phones ring off the hook by recruiting 5 friends to make calls!

  • Get together with 5 of your friends during the day (when your senators’ local offices will be open) Tuesday, February 20 and make the calls together!

  • If you can’t get together in person, you and your friends can commit to making a call on your lunch break to make sure you reach your rep while they’re in the office.

To reach your senators, call our special number that will connect you directly with their local office: 1-608-433-0522.

  • If you’re curious to find out more about your senators before you make the call. You can look them up with our handy tool.

  • Not sure what to say? Check out this sample call script:

    • I’m calling because you must pass a clean Dream Act. There are hundreds of thousands of young people whose lives have been thrown into chaos because DACA was terminated and will expire on March 5. Do the right thing: Protect immigrant youth by passing a clean Dream Act now.

These calls are easy, and so important! This is what it’s going to take to get Congress to take action to protect immigrant youth from deportation.

  • Post the phone number on social media after you’ve made the call and tag more friends to ask them to make calls too!

Step 3: Let’s light up the Internet to show everyone we stand with Dreamers.

On Twitter?

  • Change your display name to: #DreamActNow - Call 1-608-433-0522  

On Facebook?

Add a frame to your profile picture to show your support:

  • Click on your profile picture & select "update your profile picture."

  • Choose "Add frame" at the top right.

  • Type Dream Act in the search bar.

  • Choose a frame that you like.

  • Click "Make profile pic" at the bottom right.

Save the graphic below and share it on your page!

(Right click > Save Image As to grab the image.)


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