Planned Parenthood Generation Action

The power of pink!

Planned Parenthood hears young leaders loud and clear as they demand access to reproductive health and advocate for reproductive rights. 

Planned Parenthood Generation Action Network is a network of young organizers and activists across the country who organize events on their campuses and in their communities to mobilize advocates for reproductive freedom; in addition to raising public awareness about reproductive health and rights, educating young people about sexual health, and creating lasting change in those communities.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action is committed to building a robust, national network of young leaders and arming them with the tools needed to create change through a range of national campaigns, conferences, and leadership opportunities. Furthermore, this unique network acknowledges and supports the dynamic perspectives and intersectional framework that young people are using to connect reproductive health to other issue like civil rights, immigration, the environment, and identity politics.

Young people are turning out and turning up in the fight for reproductive rights and access. This is our space. This is Planned Parenthood Generation Action!


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