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Hawaiʻi Legislative Session

Help expand abortion, health care access, and LGBTQ+ rights this legislative session!

2023 Legislative Session Update

We came into the 2023 legislative session ready to charge ahead in the face of abortion bans advancing across the continent. We knew this was a year that Hawaiʻi legislators needed to stand up and fight — and they did.

Our policy priorities ended up moving through the legislature in an omnibus bill, SB 1. The bill contained many items, several of them that we had been fighting for over the past few years, including allowing physician assistants to provide in-clinic abortions. Some of the other provisions included in SB 1 that reaffirm and strengthen the right to abortion care are:

  • protections to telehealth abortion services
  • gender neutral language in the abortion statute
  • removal of criminal penalties against providers
  • reaffirming statutory protections for minors accessing abortion care
  • prohibitions on medical licensure boards taking adverse action against providers who provide care that is legal in the state of Hawaiʻi
  • limitations on cooperation with other states’ investigations and proceedings about the provision of abortion

We also passed SCR18, a resolution requesting the auditor to conduct a social and financial assessment of proposed mandatory health insurance coverage for various sexual and reproductive health care services. We have worked on this resolution for several years and were excited to see it finally pass this year! This is a necessary step before the legislature can hear the bill regarding Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA). This bill would require insurers to cover a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services — including abortion — with no out-of-pocket costs. With the passage of the resolution, we are optimistic that we will see progress on this bill next session.

With everything happening on the continent post-Roe, this was an important session and time for Hawaiʻi — the first state to legalize abortion — to reaffirm and strengthen its commitment to abortion access.  We are proud of the work that was accomplished this session in safeguarding and further protecting reproductive rights in Hawaiʻi and look forward to continuing this work through the summer and beyond

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Priority Legislation

Our team follows many bills during legislative session. These are the ones we need your help with! Learn about each bill and get involved below.

SB 1: Protecting Abortion Access and Abortion Providers

Many states have banned abortion care since Roe v. Wade was overturned. That means that abortion providers in these states might be disciplined or lose their professional license, just for providing the care their patients need. To protect health care in Hawai‘i, we must protect our health providers and strengthen legal protections for abortion care.

SB 1 does many things to protect abortion access: 

  • clarifies that all pregnant people in the state have the right to access abortion care, including transgender and gender nonbinary people
  • allows physician assistants to provide safe and effective abortion care, addressing Hawai‘i's provider shortage
  • protects access to telehealth abortion services

SB 1 also protects abortion providers, so they can focus on patient care, not lawsuits meant to threaten and distract them:

  • limits cooperation with other states’ investigations about abortion
  • prohibits medical licensure boards from taking adverse action against providers who provide abortion care that is legal in Hawai‘i
  • eliminates old laws that threaten criminal prosecution against providers for providing safe and basic abortion care
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Reproductive Health Equity Act Resolution


The Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) would require health insurance to cover sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion. There would be no out-of-pocket costs for patients. 

This year, we are advocating for a resolution directing the state to assess the costs of RHEA. This is a necessary first step toward passing the bill. 

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