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Kentucky Legislative Session

Help protect health care access and LGBTQ+ rights this legislative session!

Priority Legislation

Our team follows many bills during legislative session. These are the ones we need your help with! Learn about each bill and get involved below.

HB 569: Abortion Exemptions bill

House Bill 569 adds exemptions to Kentucky’s abortion bans for survivors of rape and incest and in cases where there is a fatal fetal abnormality. But the reality is that very few patients will be able to access abortion care under this bill even if they are legally entitled to it. HB 569 is filled with language so vague that providers will still be at risk for jail time or losing their medical license for providing legal care.
All people should be able to access abortion care, regardless of their reason – full stop. The same Republicans sponsoring this bill have voted against exemptions multiple times, and it’s an insult they would think Kentuckians would forget and believe this isn’t more of the same. Exemptions are not enough, and the people of Kentucky deserve better than HB 569.

SB 150: “Don’t Say Gay” bill (OPPOSED)

SB 150 is an attack on LGBTQ youth and will undoubtedly increase bullying, harassment, and stigmatization towards trans students. This bill prohibits schools from requiring teachers and employees to respect a student’s gender identity and allows parents to access a student’s health record without their child’s consent, which in some cases could amount to “forced outing” of LGBTQ youth to their parents. LGBTQ youth deserve the right to access health care and school counseling without fearing being “outed” to their parents.

All kids deserve to have schools be their safe space and should be able to access lifesaving counseling, health care, and information. SB 150 attacks these students' sense of safety, making it extremely difficult for trans kids to live healthy and safe lives.

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HB 470: Gender-Affirming Care Ban (OPPOSED)

House Bill 470 is one of the most extreme attacks on gender affirming care for youth, aimed at erasing trans youth from the state of Kentucky. This bill is dangerous, cruel, and flies in the face of medical best practice. Bills like this are broadly opposed by every major medical association in the United States because they put young peoples’ lives and health at severe risk. HB 470 would discipline a broad range of providers for providing lifesaving care for their patients under the age of 18.

Transgender kids, like any kids, have the best chance to thrive when they are supported and can get the health care they need. This bill would take that away from transgender children in Kentucky.

Fight the bill
SB 115: Drag Show Ban (OPPOSED)

SB 115 seeks to put drag back in the closet by defining it as an “adult performance.” This would ban drag on public property or where someone under 18 could see them. It would threaten businesses’ licenses and criminalize drag performers, charging them with misdemeanors and felonies.

Let’s be clear, bans on drag performances are designed to target LGBTQ+ people and force them out of public life by restricting who is “allowed” to wear certain clothing or look a certain way.

We need our leaders to make sure all kids, including LGBTQ+ and transgender kids, have access to safe schools, quality health care and opportunities to play and be happy. When we accept kids for who they are, we create thriving communities that are more connected and resilient.

Protect drag in KY
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