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Idaho Legislative Session

Help protect health care access and LGBTQ+ rights this legislative session!

Priority Legislation

Our team follows many bills during legislative session. These are the ones we need your help with! Learn about each bill and get involved below.

(OPPOSED) HB 71: Ban on gender affirming care for youth

HB 71 would ban gender affirming care for trans youth in Idaho, including banning puberty blockers and hormone treatments. If HB 71 passes, then doctors, pharmacists, and any provider who assists youth in obtaining gender affirming prescriptions or care could be charged with a felony and up to 10 years in jail. 

This bill is one of the most extreme attacks on transgender health care that we’ve seen across the U.S. HB 71 would ban medically necessary, lifesaving care for transgender youth — care that leading medical authorities have said is essential for some youth.

Transgender kids, like any kids, have the best chance to thrive when they are supported and can get the health care they need. This bill would take that away from transgender children in Idaho. 

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(OPPOSED) HB 242: Criminalizing helping youth access abortion care

HB 242 would criminalize people who help youth get abortions without consent from their parents.

This bill could put vulnerable young people in danger by forcing them to disclose their pregnancy status in unsafe environments. This danger makes it more difficult for young people to access needed care.

Young people deserve to be supported and cared for. This bill would discourage young people in potentially risky situations from talking to trusted adults and seeking the help they need.

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(OPPOSED) SB 1071: “Don’t Say Gay”

SB 1071 prohibits education from including conversations about gender identity or sexual orientation prior to 5th grade. This bill places pressure on Idaho educators to disregard sexual orientation and gender identity in education. This bill also outright restricts any form of “human sexuality” education prior to fifth grade.

This bill is a part of a nationwide trend attacking LGBTQ+ young people. All Idaho students deserve to grow in health, safe, and inclusive educational environments. SB 1071 would prevent this from happening.

Bill text

(OPPOSED) SB 1100: Policing students’ gender in bathrooms

SB 1100 targets transgender students by forcing them to use a bathroom or locker room that doesn’t match their gender identity. It would encourage teachers, coaches, and peers to police students’ gender in bathrooms, allowing students to sue schools for $5,000 if they encounter a trans student in the bathroom.

SB 1100 is a blatant attack on trans youth and student privacy. It would force trans youth to choose between violating their very sense of self or facing punishment.

All students deserve to feel safe at school. Trans youth should be treated with dignity and respect and should have the opportunity to live a healthy life. To protect all students' privacy and health, lawmakers should oppose SB 1100. 

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