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SEATTLE — Statement from Elaine Rose, CEO of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii

“We have a message for our U.S. Senators on Judge Gorsuch: opposing Roe v. Wade is a disqualifier. The right to safe and legal abortion has been law for more than 40 years. Nominees to the highest court in the land must make clear that they will protect our fundamental rights -- including the right of a woman to control her body. This last week has made clear that the courts are going to be the last - and sometimes only - line of defense against dangerous and unconstitutional attacks on basic human rights.

Judge Gorsuch has an alarming history of opposing women’s rights, civil rights and worker’s rights. He ruled that bosses should be able to deny women access to birth control coverage.  A woman must be able to control her own body as a fundamental right, and all people must have the right to vote and be free from discrimination based on who they love, where they come from, their race, and their religious beliefs.

Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii calls on each one of our U.S. Senators to uphold this standard: if you oppose Roe v. Wade and women’s access to basic health care, you are not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court of the United States.”


Support for access to safe, legal abortion is at a record high --  nearly 70 percent of Americans don’t want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, the highest rate since the case was decided more than 40 years ago -- and that includes people who voted for President Trump. 

  • Contrary to stereotypes, Latinos in this country are also very supportive of access to reproductive health care, including safe, legal abortion.
  • According to a poll commissioned by the National Latina Institute of Reproductive Health, 67 percent of Latino/a voters do not want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, and 82 percent agree with women making their own decision on the issue without political interference.
  • Gorsuch ruled in favor of the idea that corporations are people and against women’s access to contraception. He also sided with politicians trying to deny women and men access to basic health care like STD tests and reproductive health care education services provided by Planned Parenthood health centers.
  • Gorsuch has also been highly critical of LGBTQ advocates and others who turn to the courts to protect their constitutional rights.