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It's a story that dates back beyond the Dark Ages, through the the time of the Puritans, and once again in 2016 Missouri: Women accused of witchcraft, persecuted and prosecuted by a jury of inflamed ignorance.

Nearly 250 years after the Salem witch trials, the Missouri state legislature is devolving back to old-school tactics in order to discredit and punish women.

Even though the Missouri Attorney General found that Planned Parenthood affiliates in Missouri have complied with all laws in the wake of the recent malicious and criminal video campaign targeting Planned Parenthood, the Missouri state legislature has pursued a full-on assault against women’s health care.

That assault aims to block access to essential health care services — like cancer screenings, birth control, well-woman exams and STD testing and treatment — for more than 7,000 Medicaid patients who rely on Planned Parenthood.

Calling Planned Parenthood a ‘Witch’

Missouri Rep. Diane Franklin (R) publicly declared that abortion — and, in this context, Planned Parenthood specifically — is the "witch" and the Missouri state government is intentionally and shamelessly on the "hunt."

"This has been called a 'witch hunt.' And I want to tell you: the witch has been found," she said. (@46:50 in recording).

Who’s the leading lady in this crucible?

It’s Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri is CEO Mary Kogut, who is now facing jail time and a fine in Missouri if she doesn’t appear their kangaroo court and hand over patient information that would directly violate the Hippocratic oath. 

Missouri is apparently trying desperately to add onto the whopping 411 restrictions on safe, legal abortion that state lawmakers have introduced in just the first three months of 2016 alone. The resolution to jail Kogut also follows the chilling declaration from presidential candidate Donald Trump that women should receive “punishment” for having an abortion.

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The attacks on women's access to health care has always been a witch hunt. The startling shift is that, now, the anti-health politicians in power are freely admitting it.

Is your blood boiling yet? It’s not a witch’s hex — it’s the natural reaction from the outrageous, ignorant and inciteful things gynoticians say.

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