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Ted Cruz just announced that he’s vying for the presidency, so we just announced something many already knew: He’s a bona fide gynotician who has no business making laws dictating women’s access to health care. We can’t let a gynotician like Cruz take his out-of-touch agenda on women’s health to the White House. Here’s why.

What Cruz Says about Women’s Health

To get a sense of where Cruz stands on women’s rights, just listen to what he called Roe v. Wade: He said it is a “shadow in our nation’s history.” Yep. That’s because he supports overturning Roe v. Wade — in spite of the fact that it is consistently supported by a majority of Americans.

In fact, Cruz believes that abortion should be illegal with no exceptions for rape and incest. For someone who expounds on his staunch opposition to government overreach, Cruz doesn’t seem to mind when the government reaches all the way into medical exam rooms of Texas women.

He also publicly stated his support for businesses like Hobby Lobby to deny birth control access to their employees. In the same breath, he showed his ignorance of how birth control actually works, erroneously calling birth control (which prevents pregnancy) “abortion-inducing drugs.” That’s what happens when gynoticians try to talk about medical things.

What Cruz Does about Women’s Health

It’s not just what Cruz says that makes him dangerous for women’s health — it’s what he does. For over a decade, Ted Cruz made a name for himself by defending the egregious policies pushed by Governor Rick Perry’s administration in Texas, and, as a U.S. senator, by supporting restrictions on a woman’s right to make her own personal medical decisions.

Just two examples:

  1. Cruz supported the Life At Conception Act, a so-called “personhood” bill that could ban abortion and some forms of birth control nationwide.
  2. He also went on a tour to gather support for repealing Obamacare that, had it met his goal, would have taken away affordable health care from millions of women, men and families.

Cruz has proved time and time again that his antiquated vision for America does not include women’s access to basic health care. All that won Cruz the dubious distinction of a 0 percent rating on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund congressional scorecard.

Cruz is a threat to women’s health and rights in the Senate, and he would be a threat to women across the country. The good news: Women across the country are watching. 

Take Action Now

Send a message to Gynoticians everywhere: No matter what lie you tell, no matter where you attack, we will fight back.

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